Neurochem And SELECT Therapeutics Collaborate On Alzheimer’s Vaccine

Neurochem, Inc. and SELECT Therapeutics, Inc. have announced the initiation of a collaboration program to advance a novel vaccine intended to prevent the development and the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The vaccine will target the prevention of an accumulation of beta- amyloid, a protein that constitutes a major part of plaques in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients.

The successful outcome of this joint effort should enable an early therapeutic intervention for patients with this widespread and debilitating disease.

“This collaboration provides with access to a cutting-edge technology for the creation of vaccines with therapeutic potential. We believe that our expertise based on over 20 years of research on Alzheimer’s Disease-related mechanisms, coupled with SELECT’s Verovax technology will allow Neurochem to expand its amyloid- targeting core technology platform to the development of new therapeutic products for Alzheimer’s Disease,” said Dr. Louis R. Lamontagne, President and CEO of Neurochem.

“This collaboration with strengthens SELECT’s core biopharmaceutical focus by expanding the number of targets in our Verovax product development portfolio. The agreement highlights the distinctive breadth and strength of SELECT’s Verova technology in rapidly moving forward a variety of vaccine candidates against multiple targets,” said Robert Bender, Chairman of Corp.

Under the terms of the agreement, will provide AD antigens from its proprietary library.

SELECT will use its Verovax technology to target Alzheimer’s antigens isolated by directly to dendritic cells, the cells of the immune system which direct and control antibody production and cellular immunity.

The goal for this innovative vaccine will be to induce a protective immune response against the development of amyloidosis in Alzheimer’s Disease.

is a leader in the development of novel, proprietary compounds that inhibit the formation, deposition and toxic effects of amyloid fibrils within the body.

Neurochem’s innovative core technology consists of the design and synthesis of compounds that mimic the properties of sulphated glycosaminoglycans’ or GAGs, complex carbohydrates that promote the amyloid fibril formation that is characteristic of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Neurochem’s synthetic compounds compete with the naturally occurring GAGs to interfere with the formation and deposition of amyloid aggregates.

SELECT Therapeutics, Inc. and its joint venture with Cytomatrix, LLC, Cell Science Therapeutics, Inc. (CST), are pioneering the clinical development of novel, cell-based therapeutic products employing propriety tissue engineering, cell growth, and cell targeting technologies.

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