Vega-Atlantic Corporation Announces Merger With Transax

Subject to final due diligence, and Board of Director and shareholder ratification, is to merge with , meaning that will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company.

The Company’s business operations will then become the development, acquisition and marketing of leading information network solutions for healthcare providers and health insurance companies and other end-users worldwide.

The Company plans to change its name to International Limited.

is the holding company of TDS Telecommunications Data Systems Ltda. (being renamed Brazil Ltda). Through a licensing agreement from Transax, TDS uses the proprietary software MedLink to provide solutions for healthcare insurance processing.

The company employs approximately 40 staff and contract personnel in Brazil, its entry market.It is anticipated that the Merger Agreement will become effective and the acquisition of will be consummated by approximately August 15, 2003 or as promptly as practicable after approval by the shareholders of of the Merger Agreement.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the proposed Merger, the Company is expected to issue 11,066,207 shares of its restricted Common Stock, 4,500,000 stock options and 4,100,000 share purchase warrants.

The strategic focus of is to become a premier international provider of information network solutions for healthcare providers and health insurance companies, enabling the real-time automation of routine patient eligibility verifications, authorization, claims processing and payment functions that are currently performed manually.

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