Xenometrix Agrees Gene Expression Profiling Patent License To Genometrix

Xenometrix, Inc. has granted a worldwide license for gene expression profiling to Incorporated, giving Genometrix access to claims covered in issued U.S. and European patents.

The license is non-exclusive and covers the collection of gene expression profiles utilizing all platforms including microarrays.

is a pioneer in chip-based platforms and is positioned well to realize the full potential of gene expression profiling with their new genomics services facility” stated Dr. Pauline Gee, President and CEO. Dr. Gee added, “We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Genometrix as they meet the challenges of high-throughput gene expression profiling.” and have agreed to keep both revenue and licensing terms confidential.

is a biotechnology company with proprietary gene expression profiling technology and genotoxicology technology used to help pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology companies accelerate the selection of the most promising drug and chemical leads.

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