Drug Delivery Device Supply Agreement For Boston Life Sciences And Codman & Shurtleff

Boston Life Sciences, Inc. has announced it has entered into an agreement with Codman & Shurtleff, Inc., a subsidiary, related to BLSI’s development of Inosine for stroke.

Under the agreement, Codman will supply BLSI with implantable pumps and catheters for BLSI’s preclinical and clinical studies for Inosine, and in exchange, Codman will receive a right of first refusal for Inosine for a specified period and under certain conditions.

Further details of the agreement, including financial terms, remain confidential.

“In the field of Central Nervous System (CNS) regeneration, the use of growth factors and overcoming myelin inhibition have evolved into the most promising and credible approaches to achieving therapeutic effects in stroke and other CNS injuries,” stated Marc Lanser, MD, President of BLSI.

“In reviewing the scientific literature, Inosine remains unparalleled in its ability to regenerate large numbers of axons that in turn correlate with substantial functional recovery after stroke. Now that we have a reliable, high quality supplier of a delivery system in Codman, we will be able to complete our preclinical toxicology studies, file our IND, and proceed into clinical development utilizing the same drug-delivery technology in each of these steps. This should markedly streamline the clinical development of Inosine,” added Dr. Lanser.

Inosine, a naturally-occurring small molecule discovered by BLSI’s collaborating scientists at Boston Children’s Hospital, has been demonstrated to have potent axon-regenerating activity.

The unique mechanism by which Inosine works to promote axonal regeneration in injured central nervous system cells, as well as its ability to promote functional recovery after experimental stroke, have been the subject of numerous publications in prominent peer-reviewed scientific journals.

BLSI intends to utilize Codman’s implantable pumps and catheters for the Company’s final pre-clinical toxicity studies with Inosine and continue with Codman’s products during the clinical development of Inosine.

Boston Life Sciences, Inc. is a development stage biotechnology company engaged in the research and development of novel therapeutic and diagnostic solutions for central nervous system diseases (CNS) and cancer.

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