Chondrogene Acquires Genenews

Limited has completed the acquisition of GeneNews Inc. The principal asset of GeneNews is proprietary technology, in which presently holds certain licensing rights, in osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and traumatic joint injury.

This technology can be applied to pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, and in the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics across a range of therapeutic areas.

“We are delighted by this acquisition which now gives us full ownership of intellectual property that we feel has far reaching implications in all areas of human health,” stated K. Wayne Marshall, CEO of ChondroGene.

“This technology has broad applicability in diagnostics, pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine. We have already conducted preliminary work and will be exploring strategies to take advantage of the opportunities in these areas in the coming months.”

is a functional genomics company focused on personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics.

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