Proteome And Celera Genomics Announce Collaboration

celeraProteome, Inc., has announced a key strategic collaboration for advancing biology with , a PE Corporation business.

Proteome’s BioKnowledge Library, which includes human, worm and yeast annotation, will be linked and distributed through the Celera Discovery System.

This linkage between the two databases is expected to provide researchers with a novel tool for understanding the function of genes and proteins.

“Proteome’s knowledge database should allow for further development and analysis of the vast amount of important genetic data Celera’s efforts to sequence the human genome and the genomes of other medically important species have created,” said James I. Garrels, Ph.D., president and CEO of Proteome.

“Together we intend to deliver a powerful genomic and proteomic tool that presents researchers with a simple and consistent interface and with the potential to speed the time to market for new pharmaceutical products.” Under the terms of the agreement, Proteome will license its comprehensive BioKnowledge Library to for distribution with the Celera Discovery System.

Proteome’s entire BioKnowledge Library will be available through the Celera Discovery System.

This relationship is intended to: Provide Celera and Proteome customers access to a comprehensive set of genomic and proteomic data.

Combine Celera‘s structural and functional genomics information and Proteome‘s comprehensive curation of protein information and biological knowledge resulting in a powerful resource for understanding gene and protein function.

Increase the knowledge about cellular mechanisms, including those of diseases, providing a much better basis to build on for drug discovery.

Proteome, Inc. is a privately held, rapidly growing company that employs its proprietary processes to compile, distil and transform protein information into meaningful biological knowledge.

The company is uniquely positioned to annotate the human proteome.

Commercial access to Proteome’s BioKnowledge Library is available through subscriptions to database volumes.

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