R.P. Scherer To Gain New Drug-Delivery Business

rp-schererR.P. Scherer Corporation, a subsidiary of Cardinal Health, Inc. has agreed to acquire (IPC) of Winchester, Kentucky, in a cash transaction valued at approximately $40 million.

Under the agreement, R.P. Scherer will acquire IPC’s contract development and manufacturing business, which uses advanced controlled-release drug delivery manufacturing technology to produce prescription and over-the-counter medicines for pharmaceutical companies.

The company’s 100,000 square-foot manufacturing centre in Winchester employs more than 200 people and is approved for the production of pharmaceutical products by the U.S. FDA and other domestic and international regulatory agencies.

IPC specializes in producing solid-dose formulations using advanced manufacturing technologies that enable the company to develop and produce medicines that release drug compounds into the bloodstream over specific periods of time.

The technology involves applying specialized coatings to granular particles of drug compounds, which are then formed into oral tablets and capsules by IPC or its customers.

“There is a tremendous amount of development work going on across the pharmaceutical industry in the area of new controlled-release medicines,” said George L. Fotiades, president and chief operating officer of Cardinal Health‘s pharmaceutical technologies and services businesses.

“This fully commercialised technology, while new to R.P. Scherer, is already playing an important role in improving the effectiveness and extending the commercial lives of drugs. We are very pleased to have reached this agreement with IPC and we look forward to bringing their best-in-class capabilities to our pharmaceutical company partners. With Cardinal Health, IPC will be able to grow more quickly, will have greater access to capital for investment and by partnering with other Cardinal Health companies, will be able to bring more comprehensive, integrated solutions to pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms,” said Ken Olsen, CEO of IPC. “We have broad experience in manufacturing, process development and analysing solid-dosage formulations, capabilities that are increasingly being sought after and outsourced by drug companies around the world.” R.P. Scherer’s proprietary technologies — including soft gelatin capsules, Zydis, and topical Microsponge and Polytrap microparticles — deliver a variety of benefits, including improving a drug’s solubility, stability, efficacy and patient compliance, as well as reducing side effects.

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